Mountains Meet Oceans

by Valleys

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The book to start it right
This chapter beholds the lies
I contain the wisdom to see through your masquerade
Blinding lights
You say you're sacred but your walls crumble like brick against the mortar
You fall
Indisposed and i felt the pain well up behind my eyes
I felt no sorrow as i watched you go down
You changed me x2
Rearranged with your lack of patience and i watched it all
I watched it all
I watched it all fall down
I'll never say I'm sorry
Because it made me who i am
I guess there's only one thing left to say
Goodnight my love I'm gone
There is nothing left in here ( I've tried to keep it real )
Oh i can't take one more storm
No, i've got to move on ( Move on )
This sand beneath my feet
With my hands held higher in the air
Than ever before x2
I'm on top of it all
The air i breath is so clear
It's like I'm seeing for the first time
You're a distant memory x2
You're just sand beneath my feet
So tell me
Was it all part of your master plan
Did i fall apart at the seems just like you wanted me to
I gave it my all and i pushed too hard
Now where do i find myself
In your hands
Respiration, I fade to black
My lungs collapse and i can't seem to breath
It takes me back
To a time when i still believed in you
This fire's never ending
Won't you tell me the truth
Somethings missing from this
I can't find myself
The fire insides dyeing
I'm crying out for help
Save me please
The blow was deafening to me
Deafening to me
Here's for all the times you said i wouldn't make it
Sitting there glaze eyed
Siting Stories that were made up
Casting shadows in my mind
But i felt it coming over me
Now i can finally breath


released November 18, 2014
Mix/Master: Kevin Newland
Co-enigineer: Kevin Newland
Engineer: Eltar Studios



all rights reserved


Valleys Clayton, North Carolina

We must all walk through valleys before we reach the top of the mountain.

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